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Say Goodbye to Chipped Nails

Call us for a gel manicure in Boston, MA

You love the look of a fresh manicure, but you can't stand to see the color chipping, cracking or peeling after just a few days. If you want long-lasting color, OPI gel color pedicures and manicures are the answer to your prayers. Vibrant Beauty Salon offers gel color changes in Boston, MA. You'll be able to enjoy your picture-perfect nails for weeks at a time.

We also provide gel polish removals when you're ready for a new hue. Call us today to schedule your gel color change appointment.

3 reasons why gel polish is your new favorite technique

If you want a manicure or pedicure with staying power, you've got to try OPI gel color. You'll love gel polish because:

  1. It's long-lasting: You can expect an OPI gel color pedicure or manicure to last up to three weeks.
  2. It dries quickly: Forget about waiting around the salon for your color to dry. Gel color dries in just a few minutes.
  3. It's super shiny: A regular polish may dull after a few days, but gel color gives your nails the ultimate shine that doesn't fade.

Call Vibrant Beauty Salon in Boston, MA today to schedule a gel color change, and enjoy long-lasting nail color.